These Are the Top Side Jobs People Do to Make More Money


Many people are starting side hustles to supplement their income and reduce the risk of falling into recession as inflation continues rising.

Top side hustles include renting your car out, becoming a proofreader and selling personal stuff online.

Vanessa Garcia, a 28 year-old actress from Los Angeles claims she works for TaskRabbit. She makes close to $2,000 per week by going to the homes of strangers to organize and put together furniture. 

Side Hustle Nation is Nick Loper’s website about how to make extra money.

“The big thing is consistency, especially if you have a full time job,”Loper said.

Garcia and others like him are making a big difference in their lives just by working a few more hours per week. 

According to Census Bureau, approximately 13 million U.S. workers hold more than one job.