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Want to see what Amazon shoppers actually think? Check out the following reviews.

“I decided I wanted another pair of boots (I’m a hockey mom) for the rink but didn’t want to pay for Sorels again. I ordered these in an 11 and they fit wonderfully! I love the fuzzy lining and the look of the boots. Overall I’m super pleased with them. They kept my feet really warm over the course of a long hockey day in a cold rink.”

“After wearing these in Wyoming for a week, in the snow and cold weather, I must say they are great boots. They not only look cute, but also kept my feet dry and pretty warm.”

“Wow are these things comfy and warm. I live in Chicago and go to the dog park before dawn every day. It’s really cold here during winter and the frozen ground can be unbearable sometimes. Have worn these for a few days now with wool ski socks and my toes have not once gotten less than snuggly warm. Really good traction on the frosty ground, comfortable wearing for an extended time, and really sturdy toe support.”

“So far I’ve worn them out shoveling snow, walking the dogs and driving. They have exceeded my expectations. They have good movement in the ankle area and the support was enough that my feet didn’t hurt. Overall very happy with this boot, my new ‘last boots ever.'”

“So, I have ridiculously wide and flat Flintstone feet. Like, I have NEVER encountered a pair of shoes that aren’t specifically sized wide that fit my feet. It’s hard to find wide winter boots that I like. I ordered these boots on a whim, 100 percent expecting that I’d have to send them back. OMG — you guys! They fit! They fit with thick socks! I’m amazed! They’re comfortable! I walked two miles in them with no discomfort! Also, they’re way cuter than I expected and I stepped in a massive puddle and my socks stayed dry. Two thumbs up!”

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