These Majestic Facts will help you celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 1996th birthday


30. Her Majesty is the monarch to 14 countries in addition to the U.K. She is also Head of Commonwealth, which consists of 54 countries.

31. These aren’t the only roles she holds. She is also the Head of State, Head of Nation and Head of Armed Forces.

32. As Head of State Her Majesty must be neutral on all political matters. She doesn’t vote and she does not stand for election. However, she does not vote or stand for election. Website of the royal familyThe monarch has formal and ceremonial roles in the U.K. government. These include opening new sessions of Parliament or approving proclamations and orders through the Privy Council. She can also appoint a prime minster and meet with him or her regularly.

33. The queen opened Parliament in May 2021. The 67th Time—having opened it every year of her reign except 1959 and 1963 (when she was pregnant and expecting Prince Andrew and Prince Edward).

34. Audiences are one-on-one meetings that Her Majesty does. According to the Website of the royal familyEach ambassador and high commissioner is represented in London by more than 170. After each individual assumes the role, the monarch will be able to have an audience with each one. She also meets weekly with the prime minster to discuss government issues.

35. In 2016, the queen was still in charge More than 660 investments (an event that awards honors to individuals for their achievements, bravery or services to the U.K. and British oversea territories).

36. Her Majesty has over 600 patronages

37. Her reign has not been without its critics. Following the 1997 death of Princess Diana, Her Majesty came under fire for her initial decision to stay at Balmoral Castle, Scotland, rather than returning to London. She also refused to fly the British flag at half-mast until the day of Diana’s funeral.  The monarch later addressed the Princess of Wales’ death in a televised statement.

“I admired and respected her for her energy and commitment to others,”She stated in part “and especially to her devotion to her two boys.”

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