These Outstanding Movies and Series Provide Good Illustrations of Autism


Hannah Gadsby has been a comedian who is both unique and intelligent. Her 2018 Netflix special was a huge success and received a lot of praise. Hannah Gadsby: NanetteHannah returned with her 2020 sophomore special. Hannah Gadsby: Douglas — which she named after her beloved dog. “Had I known how wildly popular trauma was going to be in the context of comedy, I might’ve budgeted my s–t a bit better,”Hannah says it hilariously: DouglasShe referred to many of the stories she had told in Nanette.

Hannah, an openly gay lesbian, discusses her 2016 diagnosis with autism spectrum disorder. Douglas. “It shifted the way that I understood myself,” Hannah told NPR. “I was always operating on the false premise that everyone saw the world like I did.”

Although her second Netflix special, the art historian expert, is lighter than her previous, she still uses her platform to highlight the beauty in her own diversity and inspire others.