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Here’s what reviewers have to say:

“I was hesitant to spend this much money on a pair of sneakers for walking my dog, but I’ve been plagued with relentless plantar fasciitis pain in my right heel, and it has kept me from being active the way I want to be. I was in constant, 24/7 pain, even when sitting. It was excruciating, and I just couldn’t take it any more. I joined a support group on Facebook, and tons of people recommended these shoes specifically. I was willing to try anything at that point, so I used the “Try before you buy” program to see how they worked for me. I felt a difference as soon as I put them on! The most noticeable difference is that this particular shoe gives your foot a pronounced tilt forward, taking the constant pressure off your heel and shifting the impact forward to the ball of your foot. This brought immediate relief! Also, I had purchased some Dr. Scholls Plantar Fasciitis insoles previously to use in other shoes, and I noticed that the insoles that come in these shoes are almost identical to the thickness and shape of those, except that the ones in these shoes have an even higher arch support. I can walk in these and not feel like I’m walking on rocks under my heel. When I sit, there’s not the constant, throbbing pain that continues. I experienced relief from the very first day I put them on, and it has gradually improved. So I didn’t even need the full 7-day trial to know that these were golden! So if you have this type of foot problem, feel confident that these shoes will help you ease the discomfort. Also, I have a very narrow foot, and I was pleasantly surprised that this brand sells narrow widths. My narrow (and thin from top to bottom) foot usually makes it quite difficult to get a good fit in any type of shoe, but these are magical! This was my first Brooks purchase, but I will definitely be back again when I need to replace these shoes. I highly recommend them! I’m also pleasantly surprised that such a solid, supportive shoe is so very lightweight. I didn’t expect they would be so airy, but they really are so great for everyday wear.”

“Delivered 3 week early!” It was a pleasant surprise.
The black colour is perfect for everyday wear. Comfortable and wide fitting. Good support. Only a handful of times have I been able to run 5k, but time will tell.

Brooks Ghost14 Women’s Neutral Running Shoe Aqua Regular Fit. As a comparison, I purchased the wide-fit black pair on Amazon. The aqua colour is also lovely, and I have used it a few times at 5k.

I will return at a later date if I’ve tried both equally. So far, I’m happy!

“Amazon offers these shoes in various widths and lengths. I ordered a long (size 11), narrow size because the good arch support had been mentioned by another reviewer. My shoes arrived two days ago and fit perfectly. They support my high arches beautifully and the narrow size fits my feet well. They are attractive, sturdy and seem to be well-made. I am delighted that Amazon sells these. My feet, which are hard to fit, are happy, too. :)”

“I am a surgery nurse and have been told by several colleagues how comfortable Brooks are, especially because we stand in the same spot for several hours, assisting with surgery.
I finally decided to purchase a pair, and I absolutely love them! The fit, the comfort, the support…all of it far exceeded my expectations.
I am now a loyal customer and can’t wait to purchase different designs. (This is one of the very few ways a surgical nurse is able to accessorize the boring hospital-issued scrubs �� we are required to wear).”

“I have worn ASICS for 10+ years. A friend recommended these Brooks to me. I was excited about them because of the color choices. The thing that I disliked about my ASICS is the color choices. I have worn these multiple times to work and so far so good. I plan to start walking/running in them soon. So that will tell the real tale.”

“This is my second pair of Ghost 13 & now 14. I use them for long periods of standing because I know my feet won’t ache or bother me the next day. I mainly use them for Crossift. They are so versatile from running to box jumps. I have a large foot so they don’t make me look like I have boats on either.”

“Really comfortable. I have high instep, painful feet and weak ankles but like to walk – a lot!
Its alway a challenge to find trainers that look really stylish but are comfortable and supportive. I probably will never buy another brand again as these trainers are like heaven. Absolutely perfect.”

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