Thingamabob is an NFL Player


The Masked Singer was out for blood during the Season 7 Round 1 finals. Two contestants went home following a triple-threat episode between Thingamabob, Cyclops and Firefly. Cyclops, who was revealed to have been an ’80s actor, was the first to leave. Thingamabob joined him shortly after. Scroll down to see who this majestic thing is (if not already). via FuboTV or another live service). Spoilers ahead!

Team Cuddly member’s interpretation of MKTO “Classic”He was not saved by the team. Thingamabob turned out to be Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive tackle Jordan Mailata. His amazing singing voice has been a highlight of his career, as he did when He sang Chris Stapleton’s David Allan Coe’s version. “Tennessee Whiskey”A team gathering.

Like Cyclops’ judges, the judges couldn’t agree on a correct answer. Jenny McCarthy guessed Michael Strahan. She had initially considered Chris Jericho from AEW. Ken Jeong selected Liam Hemsworth. Nicole Scherzinger chose Dennis Rodman. Robin Thicke chose J.J. Watt, Arizona Cardinals player.

Just moments after Cyclops’s revelation, Thingamabob was revealed to be actor Corey Feldman. McTerrier and Ram, sportscaster Joe Buck were the earlier contestants to be eliminated in Round 1.Ace of Cakes Duff Goldman).

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