This Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Scene Is Accused of Being Racist Every Year


Charlie Brown ThanksgivingPBS will kick off the holiday season with a special featuring Charlie Brown. The Thanksgiving special, like Charlie Brown’s holiday fare is a tradition for many. However, there is always controversy over one particular scene. A lot of viewers criticize the special almost every year. “racist”for the scene. 

Why is that? Charlie Brown Thanksgiving been deemed “racist”What viewers are you watching? The special features all the Peanuts characters coming together to create their own version of Peanuts. “Friendsgiving.”Everyone took their seats after the group had set the table for the special meal. Viewers noticed that Franklin, who is Black, was sitting at one end of the table alone, clearly segregated with his friends. Franklin is the only person who is seated on a lawn chair, while all the rest of the group are on pieces of furniture.

In this light, viewers took to social media once more to express their dismay at Franklin’s treatment. The topic was a hot topic, and viewers had lots to say.

You just picked it up


You need to pay close attention now


Yes, It Happened!


Annual Disappointment


Still Confused


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