This Could Be the Most Creepy Thing About Disney Parks


Disneyland may be The Happiest Place On Earth™️, but it’s got some distressing features. The creepiest part in the entire theme park is shown by a viral TikTok. Let’s take a look.

It’s A Small World After All

Scarring children has been a common theme. “It’s A Small World”Since 1958. More than 300 animatronic dolls sing during the boat ride “It’s A Small World”Sherman Brothers in many languages. This earned the song the distinction as the “The Best of the Year”. Most publicly performed songThe greatest ever. The song’s been performed well over 50 million times thanks to the ride.

The attraction debuted at the historic 1964 World’s Fair in Queen, New York. Disney’s then cutting edge animatronic technology was also displayed with its Abraham Lincoln robot. Later, the attractions’ cores were moved to Orlando where they found permanent homes in Fantasyland as well as the Hall of Presidents.

While the attraction was extremely high-tech in 1964, in 2022 it’s just plain creepy. The ride is a nightmare-fuel, with hundreds of dolls moving in a monotonous manner and their cold eyes making it easy to laugh at. The ride was even mocked. Lion King. Disney can profit from both the IP and the mockery thereof.

It never turns off

@themouslets tweeted a viral TikTok about a creepy fact about the ride. After the ride ends, the jingle stops the animatronics from working. Imagine standing in a darkened room with hundreds of dolls moving throughout the night.

Many easter eggs are hidden around Disney parks. Hidden Mickey Mouse heads can be tricky to spot. But children’s dolls moving all night? It’s much less fun.

Not the Scariest Ride

The clip was viewed more than 2 million times and went viral again. It tells an abridged story about the scariest ride in Disney’s history: Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour. It began as a normal castle tour in Tokyo Disneyland, but it took a dark turn halfway through. The guests would encounter various Disney villains and one would triumph over the others.

The Black Cauldron:In 2006, the ride was shut down because it was too scary. It is not surprising that the ride was based upon one of the most terrifying Disney animated films. While the Disney parks are generally happy for most people, they do have some disturbing elements.

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