This Dance Pop Contestant Sings Why “Scares” Jessalynn Siwa


It’s time for a contestant to be cut. 

A sneak peak at tonight’s festivities Siwas Dance Pop Revolution, airing Tuesday, Nov. 23, Jessalynn Siwa Decide which tween girl will go home. A “phenomenal”It is more difficult to remove a rising star if there is a team effort. 

It comes down to this: Tatum?, 10 or Bella, 12. 

“Tatum, I think you’re so talented,” Jessalynn explains. “I think your mom and I believe in you more than you believe in yourself. You’re a good singer, you’re a great dancer. I feel like you don’t know it yet.” 

Where Tatum’s issue is confidence, Jessalynn applauds Bella’s great work ethic—but also points out her weaker vocals. 

“Bella, you’re a dream to work with,” Jessalynn starts. “I think you’re a phenomenal dancer [but] your singing scares me. Your audition Wednesday night was rough.” 

As Jessalynn’s child JoJo Siwa As Jessalynn looks on, she opens up about the difficult decision ahead. 

“I have two phenomenal kids with two tiny weaknesses, and I have to send one of them home based on that,” Jessalynn notes. “This is getting so competitive and everything’s so close that the little things matter.” 

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