This Duffel Bag is rated 4.7/5 stars by Amazon and available in 20 colors


If you want additional information before you shop, here are some rave 5-star Review.

Reviews of the Floless Travel duffel bag

A shopper shared. “I love this bag so far. Perfect size for a weekend away. It had a lot more space inside than I was expecting. I like the pockets lining the inside, I used them for a small makeup bag and medications.”

Another explanation “This bag was exactly what I needed for my long weekend trip! It worked perfect as a personal bag on my flight (I flew with United, and it had no issues fitting under the seat). There are lots of pockets on the inside to organize all your personal items and enough room for at least a 4-day trip! Also, I absolutely love the light lilac color I got. 11/10 would recommend this bag!”

Amazon customer: “These bags are so cute and incredibly useful at the same time. I like that one of the inside pockets is lined in plastic for toiletries. My Favorite part is that you can put it on top of your suitcase With the handle going through it back pocket. Fantastic quality for the price.”

A shopper reviewed, “Not only are the color options super cute but it is a very versatile bag! Has many compartments and it is lightweight, additionally very high-quality fabric, and super spacious! I was able to pack enough for 2 weeks and still had room leftover. Highly recommend!”

“Bought this for a 4-day trip to FL. It fits a ton of stuff and actually fits size guides for personal items on airplanes – saved me from having to pay for a carry on. Great bag for travel,”A shopper wrote.

Someone else explained, “This bag is well-made and perfect for travel. The handles fit over rolling suitcases, making airport trips easier. I love that there’s a cooler pocket to separate drinks from the rest of the bag’s contents. Planning to buy another one for my husband to replace his plastic grocery bags/travel luggage.”

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