This elegant scarf-tying method will elevate your winter style


Winter is here, which means it’s officially scarf season. Months of cold weather provide the perfect opportunity to cycle through your scarf collection, whether it’s stocked with chunky knits or classic cashmere. This season presents one problem: How to organize your scarf collection. TieThe scarf. 

You might scoff at the simplicity of the question, but I’ve wrestled with my fair share of bunched-up, twisted, or loosey-goosey scarves, and it’s an even bigger drag in a bulky, arm-mobility-reducing winter coat. Luckily, the good ol’ internet has offered a solution to my tricky scarf situation, and it might help you, too. 

After discovering this elegant way to tie a winter scarf, I don’t think I’ll ever return to my former ways again. Get ready to up your outerwear game.

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To make the most of this scarf-tying hack, it’s best to use a scarf with a bit of extra length. If the scarf can be folded in half and draped around your neck, it is enough. This will only work for traditional scarves with two ends (sorry infinity scarf fans). 

Let’s get to the fun part.

This look can be recreated at home by draping the scarf unfolded across your neck. One side should be kept short at chest level, the other half should fall to the sides. Place your palm side up on the shorter side of the scarf. 

The longer hand should be on the long side. While the shorter hand pulls the scarf towards the shorter side, the longer hand should hold the tail of the longer scarf. At this point, you’ll have a portion of the longer scarf tail in front of you. You can now pull that scarf back behind your neck.

You should now have a loop around your hand that is shorter. Next, hold onto the scarf’s tails with your free hand. Then raise the scarf to the end with the loop. Grab the scarf tails with your looped hand and pull them through to the loop. 

The result is a double-tied, elegant scarf that drapes wider across your chest. This creates a richer and more luxurious look. And because it’s actually draped around the neck twice, it’s cozier and more secure than a traditional one-loop tie. 

And there you have it: an easy way to revamp your scarves and stay snug through scarf season—er, winter.

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