This Future First Lady Was A Reporter at Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation


Jackie Kennedy Onassis is the first lady to leave a lasting legacy. As John F. Kennedy’s wife, she was known for her patronage of the arts, impeccable sense of style, and her exhaustive restoration of the White House. However, it was her work prior to marrying John that led her to Queen Elizabeth’s 1953 coronation.

Jackie Kennedy was a reporter in her early twenties

In 1953, Jackie wasn’t yet a Kennedy. Jacqueline Bouvier (now Jackie) was the name of the future first Lady. “Inquiring Camera Girl”The following are the recommendations: Washington Times-Herald. Her position required her to travel around Washington D.C. asking for people’s input on recent events and certain hot topics. She’d then take their photos and publish their responses in her newspaper column.

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However, that very year, at just 23 years old, Jackie received the prestigious assignment of covering Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. It was just a few short months before Jackie married John and eight years before she would be moving into the White House. Her column, headlined “Crowd of Americans Fill ‘Bright and Pretty’ London,”The country was waiting for its new queen to crown itself, which shed light on England’s current state.

“The whole country is concerned with the coronation, the whole coronation, and nothing but the coronation,” Ms. Bouvier wrote. “Every home one could see thru the windows of the boat train between Southampton and London bore a picture of Queen Elizabeth—pasted on the outside of the house or in a window … Every building is decorated: great swoops of multi-colored bunting adorn all the big hotels…”

Jackie Kennedy crossed paths with The Queen Twice

Future Mrs. Kennedy spoke of a shared affinity between Britain and America during that period. Their militaries had won a great joint victory during World War II. She shared an interesting story about a London night watchman who was so happy to have American guests, he put a large American flag in front of their front windows.

The next time Jackie would immerse herself in the royals’ world, she would do so as the first lady of the United States. In 1961, just eight years after the queen’s coronation, Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy attended an intimate dinner at Buckingham Palace. It was interesting to note that the press suggested that tensions were still lingering between Mrs. Kennedy, the queen, and Mr. Kennedy.

Despite their rumored dislike, Queen Elizabeth invited Jackie back to the palace in 1962 when the First Lady was visiting her sister in London. The two women were able to share a private meal together. Jackie enjoyed the meal. So they told the outside cameras, “I don’t think I should say anything about it except how grateful I am and how charming she was.”

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While they weren’t the best of friends, people in their lives have firmly insisted that they recognized themselves in each other. While they were both young adults, they took on positions of power and public prominence. This speaks volumes about the interconnectedness of these two important historical figures. It certainly makes you wonder if any future public figures will be hiding in the crowd at King Charles’ own coronation next year.

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