This is how to use your dishwasher to cook a steak


You might consider cooking a steak in a dishwasher.

Many would, since the appliance is most often used for cleaning dishes and glasses.

You can cook meats, such as steak, salmon, or other protein, in an oven-safe bag and then put it in the dishwasher. This is another variation of sous vide, a French method of cooking that involves vacuum sealing food. 

Chef Michelle Doll showed Inside Edition how it’s done.

“Since it’s in these waterproof bags, it’s not gonna get any water in it, so it’s only gonna cook in its own juices and really concentrate the flavor,”Doll said. 

Doll continued explaining. “It gets so hot for such a long period of time. Most dishwashers cycles last an hour and half, two hours, and at that temperature for that amount of time, we are going to get the most perfectly cooked steak!”

You can actually cook the entire meal in the dishwasher.

“We have carrots, apple compote, broiled shrimp, potatoes, asparagus… and a steak!”Doll said. 

Les Trent, Inside Edition Senior Correspondent, tried the meal. 

His view? “This is so good!”He stated. 

A Ziplock bag can be used if you don’t have a vacuum sealing device and still want to experiment with this method of cooking. For more information, see the video below.