This is how two action stars met up to carve pumpkins and we love it


Sylvester Stallone is a titan of the action movie industry. Arnold Schwarzenegger is his name. So, it’s just delightful to see the two action stars enjoy each other’s company, engaging in one of the most wholesome activities imaginable: pumpkin carving.

‘That’s What Real ACTION Guys Do’

The phrase “If you’ve ever heard it” “Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are teaming up,” you’d probably think it’s for a film about a bank heist or prison escape—something with fast cars and lots of explosions. What you probably weren’t imagining was the two Hollywood icons carving pumpkins in Schwarzenegger’s home office. However, that’s exactly what the Expendables This week, co-stars did something earlier in the week.

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In a photo posted to Stallone’s Instagram account, both Stallone and Schwarzenegger are standing over two jack-o-lanterns, pressing the points of two giant survival knives into the tops of their pumpkins. They’re surrounded by memorabilia of Schwarzenegger’s—full shelves of trophies and an impeccably posed throwback photo.

Stallone wrote the caption. “Myself and my great friend Arnold, @schwarzenegger spending time at his amazing office Carving Pumpkin Heads for Halloween with Survival Knives !!! . That’s what real ACTION guys do with their free time! Lol…”

Notably, survival knives probably aren’t the best pumpkin-carving tools. You can see on the pair’s jack-o-lanterns that they drew out their simple designs with permanent markers, and they still failed to carve them cleanly. This just adds charm to the photo, according to our book.

They used to be locked in a nasty feud

While they’re good friends today, things weren’t always so copacetic between Stallone and Schwarzenegger. The pair fought each other for 20 years from a distance. They would discredit each other in interviews and spread misinformation. The feud became so prominent that “Schwarzenegger-Stallone Rivalry”Each page has its own Wikipedia page.

Fortunately, they were able to reconcile and are now close friends. They’ve since starred in four films together, something many fans would have believed to be impossible back in the ’80s. Stallone gave Schwarzenegger a shoutout in an earlier month. Apparently, Stallone took part in Schwarzenegger’s charity event for After School All-Stars.

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“Congratulations to my great friend @schwarzenegger who had a incredibly successful charity event to benefit the children THE AFTER SCHOOL ALLSTARS … Still looking strong as a Bull!”Stallone wrote the caption in Instagram.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone’s friendship is one for the books. These action stars will hopefully make survival knife pumpkin carving an annual tradition!

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