This Is Where You Saw ‘Ted Lasso’s’ Hannah Waddingham Before


Hannah Waddingham broke through to fame and stardom with Ted Lasso, but that was hardly her inaugural performance. She’s been working as an actress on stage and screen for over twenty years. Eagle-eyed viewers of Game of Thrones may remember her from a small but memorable role.

Started On Stage

London’s West End is a very familiar place for Waddingham. She performed there in a 2002 production of Space Family Robinson. In 2007 she starred as the Lady of the Lake in Spamalot to rave reviews. Waddingham earned an Olivier Award nomination and took the role to Broadway. She’s been nominated for three Olivier awards, most evenly for 2012’s Kiss Me, Kate.

Around 2012, Waddingham’s attention turned toward film. She had a small role as a factory worker in Les Misérables. This was probably the highest mark of her career on film, but that should change soon enough. She’s been cast in Hocus Pocus 2, the sequel to a beloved Disney classic that plans to bring the original witches back together.

One Iconic Scene

Throughout her entire career, Waddingham has popped up on television from time to time, primarily on British television. She did an episode of Bad Education starring Jack Whitehall and appeared on a few Agatha Christie crimes series.

Beginning in season five, Waddingham had a recurring role on Game of Thrones as Septa Unella, a religious fanatic whose job it is to torture Cersei Lannister, played by Lena Headey. Waddingham appeared in eight episodes of the series and did so with a 10-week-old baby in tow.

Septa Unella is also the one who uttered one of the shows best known quotes. Part of Cersei’s punishment sees her walking through King’s Landing naked. Unella shouts “shame!” while ringing a bell to alert the townsfolk. That’s right, it was Ted Lasso’s Rebecca yelling “shame” at Cersei Lannister.

Waddingham’s time on the show did not extend into its more reviled seasons. Unella was later captured by Cersei and tortured by Gregor Clegane, better known as the Mountain. While she went unmentioned in the series climax, she probably died during the Battle of King’s Landing.

What’s Up Next?

Ted Lasso has opened many doors for Waddingham. On top of what might be the finals season of the show and Hocus Pocus 2, Waddingham will star in the miniseries Tom Jones. It’s based on the Best Picture, not the singer. The fame also landed her a coveted spot in Micahel Buble’s Christmas in the City where she sang “Christmas.” Good for her!

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