This Morning fans in hysterics as Alison Hammond accidentally ‘swears’ at Janet Jackson


This Morning fans were left in hysterics today when host Alison Hammond accidentally “swore” at Janet Jackson live on air as she tried to teach her one of her famous dance moves

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This Morning: Janet Jackson teaches Alison her dance move

This Morning fans were left in hysterics today as Alison Hammond accidently swore at Janet Jackson.

The pop star was on the ITV daytime show today, where she was interviewed by Alison and they discussed her new documentary. However, Alison was desperate to learn some of Janet’s iconic moves.

Showing her how to do her iconic hand movements from her track Rhythm Nation, Janet gave Alison a lesson – but the presenter slipped up and ended up counting down with the wrong fingers.

“Sorry I nearly did the wrong finger,” Alison apologised as she attempted to do the movement with her fingers.

“No offence taken at all,” Janet told her, “When you first learn it, that happens all the time, I did that so much.”

Fans were left in hysterics by Alison’s mistake, as she joked about nearly giving Janet the middle finger.

“Alison Hammond just flipped off Janet Jackson and I’m roaring,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Another added: “Alison did not just put up her middle finger at Janet Jackson.”

“She just flipped Janet Jackson off!” a third viewer wrote online.

Viewers tuning into the show loved the interview, with another sharing: “Love Jan’s face when Alison leave middle finger up for that split second lol. Great Interview and Janet looks so beautiful as always. I love her laugh. #JDJ#RHYTHMNATION.”

Alison has been hosting the show a bit more than her usual Friday slot for the past couple of weeks as Phillip Schofield has been off the show as he tested positive with Covid and was forced to isolate.

Alison was the first presenter to be drafted in to replace Phil temporarily as she made a savage dig at her fellow presenter.

“I didn’t expect this! What’s happening? What’s going on?” Alison said as she opened the show last week.

Rochelle then admitted it was “a little bit unfortunate” as Phillip was unable to make the show after testing positive for Covid, as Alison added: “Poor Phil can’t be in the studio today – but don’t worry he might be at home but he can be with us right now.”