This Morning viewers spot bold hidden message ‘producers missed’ on guest’s jumper


This Morning’s guest Barbara Lisicki, a disabilities activist, wore a number of badges during her appearance on the ITV show and viewers spotted a political message on one

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This Morning: Phil and Jodie joined by protester for disabled rights

This Morning viewers spotted an anti-Torie message hidden on a guest’s jumper during Monday’s instalment of the show.

Barbara Lisicki, an activist who helped changed history in the 1990s by tirelessly campaigning for equal rights for people with disabilities, appeared on the ITV show with Phil and co-host Josie Gibson.

She was appearing on the ITV show to speak about upcoming BBC drama Then Barbara Met Alan, which is inspired by her real-life relationship with Alan Holdsworth.

Fans of the show were quick to praise Barbara for her work, while many noticed a message on her jumper.

Barbara was wearing a number of badges, as well as a red sticker that said ‘Kick the Tories out’.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: “Love that she got on with that badge!”, while another said: “Kick out the Tories badge!” with an okay emoji.

A third chimed: “I’m amazed they let her wear that sticker” as another social media user wrote: “The producers must have missed that one.”

Phillip apologised to Barbara during her appearance on the ITV show after an unsuitable car was accidentally sent to transport her to the studio.

Phillip addressed the fact that she had arrived later than planned to set, as the car company hadn’t listened to the show’s instructions about Barbara needing a suitable car for transport.

He said: “This is not how I’d like to start the show, but I’m going to start with an apology.

“When I was preparing for this interview I was going to ask about how much are we progressing, are we getting any better…

“Then I find out the car company we use for this show – and we specifically asked them for a car that enables your access – but we had to change the order of the show today because they didn’t send a car you could get into. So we still have a long way to go.”

Barbara responded: “It’s one of life’s daily ironies. It’s a frustration that all disabled people experience.

“There’s always a barrier to just being able to get on with following your plans or living your life.”

Elsewhere in the programme, Phillip shared a message from Holly Willoughby, who he is still isolating with Covid-19.

Opening the show, he said: “Josie is back! I’ve been texting Holly all through the weekend and she’s absolutely fine. She just has that incredibly persistent and annoying red line that won’t go away. She’ll be sitting at home. It’s driving her crazy.

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