This Old Sunken Car Could Be the Tourist Attraction to Qatar After World Cup Mania


While human beings may have traveled to Qatar for the World Cup in Qatar, there is an artificial reef that was built from a used car and attracts marine life.

Some of the most diverse and extensive coral reefs in the Persian Gulf are home to urbanization and climate change. However, rising sea temperatures and increasing sea levels have all threatened these marine ecosystems.

An old car was sunken into the ecosystem and placed in the ecosystem to provide a habitat alternative for fish to attract marine life. 

The attraction is loved by fish, as well as ecotourism divers and other interested parties. 

Professor Pedro Range from the Qatar University Environmental Science Center stated that artificial reefs have limited environmental benefits.

“There is no circumstance under which an artificial reef can be considered as an adequate substitute for a natural reef,”According to the Associated Press, he stated that.

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