This restaurant is a cat family’s playground and customers love it


Imagine a world filled with massive cats that knock down structures and buildings. It’s safe to say it won’t happen in real life, but a restaurant in Japan has the next best thing.

Daiorama Cafeteria, Osaka now houses a stray cat family. They enjoy spending their time next to miniature houses or destroying model trains.

It wasn’t always this charming, but COVID-19 changed everything. 

“We were facing a situation where we couldn’t make our ends meet,” the restaurant’s owner told Reuters.

The restaurant saw a decline in clients as the world closed down in the wake of the pandemic. 

“It’s like a downward spiral, and we were facing a situation where we couldn’t make our ends meet,”According to the owner.

When a staffer saw a stray kitten in a nearby nursery, the restaurant was about to close. 

It was not long before the kitten’s mom appeared with her other children. 

Now 14 cats use the restaurant as a playground, a gimmick which has seen business adorably bounce back. One customer even claimed that one of the cats reminded her of Godzilla. 

Daiorama Cafeteria hopes that others will find joy in these four-legged entertainers who have made themselves at ease.