This Sitcom Darling of the 1990s Almost Starred in “Pulp Fiction” Instead Of Uma Thurman


Pulp FictionIt is one the most loved movies ever, featuring impressive performances from many top-name stars. But did you know that Mia’s role, played by Uma Thuman, was almost taken to an actress from a popular sitcom?

Many Big-Name Stars Were Reviewed ‘Pulp Fiction’

Before becoming the perfect dark comedy viewers know and love today, 1994’s Pulp Fiction Casting went through many changes. Quentin Tarantino, the writer and director of the film, originally wanted Matt Dillon as Butch Coolidge. 

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Dillon was unable to make a decision quickly enough to accept the role. Tarantino offered the role to Bruce Willis and Dillon accepted. Dillon wasn’t the only famous face that almost ended up in one of the biggest movies of the ’90s. 

According to Not startingAll parts were considered for Daniel Day-Lewis (Daniel Day-Lewis), Kurt Cobain (Kurt Cobain), Courtney Love, Christian Slater and Sylvester Stallone). Pulp Fiction. Most of these actors didn’t get very far into the audition process, but one actress was offered a leading role—and turned it down. 

Why Julia Louis Dreyfus Reduced Tarantino

At the time of the movie’s production, Louis-Dreyfus was one of television’s biggest stars. The actress played Elaine on the popular sitcom. SeinfeldTarantino believed that her comedic talents would make Mia a perfect part. 

“Julia Louis-Dreyfus was offered the role of Mia Wallace, according to her agent, but she was too busy with Seinfeld,” Not startingWrite. Shooting a TV show takes a lot of time, so it’s no surprise Louis-Dreyfus couldn’t fit Pulp Fiction’s production into her Seinfeld schedule. 

She wasn’t the only big-name actress up for the part. Halle Berry and Meg Ryan were all candidates for the role. 

Uma Thurman Almost Didn’t Get Cast

But, the casting decision was difficult. According to Entertainment Tonight, Tarantino wasn’t sure Thurman was right for the role and the actress actually turned down the part because she agreed with him. They met up in person and it was a great start to their relationship. 

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It’s hard to imagine anyone besides Thurman playing the role of Mia, but it’s harder not to wonder what Pulp FictionImagine what it would have looked like if Louis-Dreyfus had played the iconic part.

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