This Time Janet Jackson and Matthew McConaughey Dated


If there were a contest for the most unexpected celebrity couple, Matthew McConaughey and Janet Jackson’s short-lived romance would certainly be in the running. Let’s take a dive into the former couple’s oft-forgotten fling.

Rumors abound regarding the Almost-Couple during the 2000s

To be totally honest, we don’t know much about Matthew McConaughey and Janet Jackson’s short-lived romance. We do know that the rumors started in the early 2000s. The actor met Michael Jackson’s younger sister at the 44th Grammy Awards in February 2002.

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Jackson looked amazing in a very era-appropriate pink croptop and low-waisted denim jeans, while McConaughey paired a plaid shirt with daring leather trousers. Although this pairing may seem odd, it is certainly a good one. SoundsIt’s not surprising that they look so great together.

Entertainment Tonight reportedThey instantly fell in love and agreed to go on a date. Their romance would be a rumor for many years. McConaughey initially denied that anything was romantic between the two of them. “All for You” singer.

“We swapped some good music and she’s a dear lady. She’s a sweetheart but we’re not dating, we’re just friends,” McConaughey insists, per IMDb.

Jackson would confirm at least some of the rumors. “I guess we did [date]… He is a great guy and such a sweetheart. It was just for a minute, that’s why I am so hesitant to mention it,”She shared her story Upscale Magazine 2006via The Telegraph).

Matthew McConaughey Confirms the Rumors

Yet, this celebrity coupling wouldn’t stay buried forever. Matthew McConaughey finally admitted to Jackson that they had at least one date in 2019.

During a match of “Plead the Fifth”On Live: Watch What HappensAndy Cohen, host, asked “There was a rumor that you once went out with Janet Jackson. Can you confirm or deny, and how would you describe your relationship with her?”

McConaughey attempted to laugh his way through the answer, but eventually he relented: “We went and had dinner one night. That was sorta it,”He stated.

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That’s it! It’s now a confirmed fact that, at one mystery restaurant, sometime around 2002, Janet Jackson and Matthew McConaughey went out on a date. It’s a shame it didn’t work out, although it seems like they stayed friends there for a while.

Both McConaughey, Jackson got married and had children with other people. Yet, their almost-relationship is certainly an early-aughts relic that we just can’t forget!

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