Three days of icy weather are expected to bring snow to the UK on exact date


There has been snow forecast for parts of the UK as far back as mid-November. The following are the exact dates when the white stuff is expected to fall and where you can expect it.

We are entering winter with the clocks turning back last week, and temperatures dropping steadily.

A forecast now shows the exact dates when the UK will be covered in snow.

According to the British Snow Report, some Brits will experience snow as early as November in certain parts of the country. WXCharts.

Three days in November, 2.5cm of snow can fall in a few areas of the country.

Weather forecaster predicts that the first flurries would begin on Tuesday, November 16th at 05:00. Silver Screen Beat reports.

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This light snowfall will be visible below Inverness, northern Scotland. It could also include a large area.

At midday, this snow will have reached Edinburgh and a few more miles below. Large areas of the north are being battered by downpours.

The snow forecast will continue to grow throughout the night, with areas east and central Aberdeen included in the circle.

This area is likely to receive snow in the next three days. Northern England may also be at risk.

Areas north of Manchester and North Wales will see snow flurries on November 17, as well as small parts of Northern Ireland, and the areas below Dublin.

Scotland will see the most snow, but it is more likely that the snow will be washed away by the rain.

It is just as tropical Storm Wanda will batter the UK starting Tuesday.

A map from the US National Hurricane Centre shows that it is heading straight for the country and set to bring steady winds.

Met Office forecaster Dan Harris said: “Tropical Storm Wanda is not too far from the UK – and may indirectly influence the forecast early next week.”

Jo Farrow, Netweather and STV Forecaster, was also added: “If Wanda gets caught up with another Atlantic low pressure, its tropical energy could help bring wet and windy weather to the UK.”

It passed over the Atlantic Ocean Saturday, and moved north eastwards throughout the weekend.

The Met Office stated that Wanda is expected weakening and to be downgraded on Sunday night to a nontropical feature. Any remnants of the storm would become embedded in a larger Atlanticfrontal zone.

On Tuesday or Wednesday, the UK will be next.

According to the Met Office, it could cause rain and possibly weather warnings. However, the timing and track are still unknown.

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