Three Dead in Minnesota after Small Plane Crash


Three people on board a small plane were killed after it crashed into a home in Minnesota, leaving two occupants inside the home to see the plane “at the edge of their bed,” CBS News reported.

Hermantown Police said a Cessna 172 plane crashed into the second floor of the house near Duluth airport late Saturday, before coming to rest in the backyard, CBS News reported.

According to CBS Minnesota, Alyssa Schmidt (32), of St. Paul and Matthew Schmidt (31), of Burnsville were the victims. Tyler Fretland (32) of Burnsville was the pilot.

CBS Minnesota shared images of the house following the accident on Twitter.

According to police, the two residents of the house were not injured.

Jason Hoffman, one of two occupants of this home, said that he had just fallen asleep and was woken by the crash.

“We couldn’t hardly see each other through all the insulation dust. I was able to grab a flashlight next to the bed and the first thing I saw was an airplane wheel sitting at the end of our bed,”Hoffman stated. “That’s when we looked out and noticed the entire back half our house was gone.”

It is still not known what caused the plane crash.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will investigate the accident.

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