Three Florida Teenagers Discover the Bodies and Activities of 2 Cave Divers


Two cave divers were found dead by three teenagers in Florida.

On June 22 at approximately 12:20 p.m., the Hernando Country Sherriff’s Office received a call regarding a possible drowning in the Buford Springs Cave located at Chassahowitzka Wildlife Park in Weeki Wachee, according to a Releaseby the sheriff’s office.

They arrived at the park around 9:15 a.m. to relax by the water. Two adults arrived later, and they chatted with them as they prepared for their dive.

Deputies were told by the teenagers that they resurfaced within minutes of entering the water. They had a conversation about whether or not there was enough oxygen in their tanks, and possibly how to go into the cave.

“One of the divers is believed to have mentioned that he possibly had a leak in his tank,”The statement was composed. “After a short time, both adults dove back down under the water.”

After a few seconds, they noticed that one of the divers was descending towards them while he floated to the surface. The teens thought that the diver was looking to find his diving partner. 

The teenagers noticed that there weren’t any bubbles at the surface and swam to him. However, they were unable lift him off the dock.

The diver was then lifted onto the dock by two deputies.

“The diver was obviously deceased,”The statement was composed.

While they waited for the second diver to surface, they believed he would. “as time passed and the second diver did not surface,”The office wrote “it was surmised that he most likely experienced some type of problem in the cave.”

To find the second diver they needed, specialist cave divers from the International Underwater Cave Rescue and Recovery Association (IUCRR), were contacted. “obviously deceased”The surface is approximately 137 feet beneath the ground.

The sheriff’s offices shared that neither of the divers showed obvious signs of trauma and they both appeared to have the appropriate diving equipment, though it is currently unknown if their equipment was working properly.

The divers were identified by detectives as Todd Richard McKenna (52), and Stephen Roderick Gambrell (63).

According to the statement, both divers were taken to a medical examiner.