Three Hit Comedies Have Just Been Remade


Three new comedies were renewed by CBC for their second seasons, which is good news for the comedy genre. Canadian TV Network issued Press releaseIt had been renewed, it was said. Run the Burbs, Son of a Crich And Traitors. None of these shows air in the U.S. at this time.

CBC is preparing its 2022-2023 TV Season slate. These shows will undoubtedly play an integral part. Sally Catto, one of the network’s executives said: “CBC’s rich comedy legacy continues to shine with this new generation of series that feature original and authentic storytelling, led by talented creative teams. RUN THE BURBS, SON OF A CRITCH and STRAYS provide audiences across the country with great laughter and also, each in its own way, a sense of Canadian identity. We look forward to seeing how their second seasons unfold.”

Run the BurbsAndrew Phung of Kim’s ConvenienceScott Townend The Secret Marathon. The story is about a Vietnamese-Canadian family who seeks out ways to live in the suburbs. It also celebrates South Asian culture. The series premiered in January. It has been met with praise from critics and social media buzz.

Meanwhile, Son of a CritchBased on Mark Critch’s memoir, the series follows an 11-year old fictionalized version of Critch growing up in St. John’s Newfoundland in 1980s. Critch is listed alongside Tim McAuliffe as the creator of the series. The Office, Last Man on Earth And MacGruber. The show’s renewal is imminent and brand new in 2022.

Finally, Traitors The story is about a woman who takes over as executive director at an animal shelter and ends up getting more than she bargained. It stars Nicole Power playing Shannon Ross. It was produced by Kevin White and Clara Altimas. Kim’s Convenience. It was premiered in September 2021. The comedy is often found in times of anxiety.

Canadian TV has had a lot of success lately. However, it can still prove difficult to access the shows in the United States. A VPN is the best way to stream CBC TV shows in the U.S. You can change your IP address, log in from a Canadian location, and then stream them. Unfortunately, this restricts the devices that you can watch TV, turning away many potential viewers. As of now, no plans have been announced to make the above shows available in the U.S.