Three New York Women are Federally Charged with ‘Vicious Attacks’ on Delta Employees


Three New York City women were charged by a federal court “viciously”According to an indictment unveiled Thursday, he assaulted a Delta security guard and beat him to death with his own radio.

The alleged attack took place in a jetway at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Sept. 22, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Federal authorities also claimed that a gate agent was also punched in his face.

Janessa Torres (21), Jordan Nixon (21), and Johara Zavala (44) each pleaded guilty and were released on $25,000 bail. They were each ordered to restrict their travel to New York City or Long Island.

Nixon’s lawyer Peter Guadagnino said that Nixon denies the charges. The attorneys for the two other women declined to comment. The Washington Post reported. 

Prosecutors stated that the Delta Airlines flight to Puerto Rico was denied entry for the women because they were inebriated.

“The defendants were belligerent, with one appearing to be visibly disoriented and possibly intoxicated, and another who was refusing to properly wear her mask,”The indictment is read.

According to the indictment, after being told that they couldn’t board the flight, the women refused to leave the aircraft and shouted abuse at the security guard who arrived on the scene. Nixon is accused of repeatedly hitting the officer with his radio while grabbing it. When the flight’s gate employee tried to step in, Zavala allegedly punched the agent in the face, prosecutors said.

The indictment also states that all three women are accused “punched and kicked”After falling to the ground, the officer sustained injuries to his head and body. Federal authorities reported that both the officer and gate agent were taken to a hospital for treatment and they have not been allowed back to work.

“The extreme and aggressive behavior in connection with our air travel is out of control.  This office has zero tolerance for violent conduct that threatens the safety of airline passengers and employees,” said U.S. Attorney Breon Peace in a statement Thursday.

Federal authorities have stated that women could spend up to 10 years prison if convicted.

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