Three people are killed by a pensioner who is ‘Devil’ after refusing food offers


After a pensioner opened fire to a church dinner, three elderly people died.

Robert Smith, 70 years old, is accused of shooting two 84-years-olds and one 75-years-old at a Potluck Event at St Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Vestavia Hills (Alabama), USA.

Local reports claim that the gunman attended the services “occasionally” at the church.

WBRC FOX6 was told by Douglas Carpenter, founder of the Church, that Bart Rainey approached Smith after noticing he was sitting alone.

Bart’s wife Linda asked the man if he wanted to be seated with a group of people.

Robert Smith, 70, reportedly opened fire after refusing an offer of food at a church event
Robert Smith, reportedly, started a fire after refusing to eat at a church function

Smith refused this offer, and shortly thereafter pulled out a pistol and began shooting. Three of the participants were killed including Bart.

His violent rampage ended only when he was struck with a chair by Jim Musgrove. He was later described as a “violent criminal”. “hero”Whose actions were “extremely critical in saving lives”.

According to some reports, Mr Rainey died in the arms of his wife while he was speaking at the church. “words of comfort”To him. Linda survived the attack.

The suspect was said to be an 'occasional' attendee at the place of worship (stock image)
According to stock image, the suspect was an “occasional” attendee at the worship place (stock photo).

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Melinda Rainey’s daughter posted an online tribute to Bart, praising him for his final act de kindness. “We are proud that in his last act on earth, he extended the hand of community and fellowship to a stranger, regardless of the outcome.

“We also feel a sense of peace that his last hours were spent in one of his favourite places on earth, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, a place that welcomes everyone with love.”

Robert Smith was quickly arrested after the shooting. Since then, he has been charged for capital murder.

Police Capt. Police Capt. “past interactions”The suspect and other church members should be involved. “currently still being investigated by numerous agencies”.