Three suspects arrested after kidnapping a baby: Police


Three-month-old baby taken hostage by grandmother as she unloads groceries from her car. It was found Tuesday.

Brandon Alexis Cuellar the infant was unharmed, but officers took him into a hospital to be examined as a precaution.

“This incident is a parents’ worst nightmare. We are fortunate it resulted in a positive outcome,”Anthony Mata, chief of San Jose Police said this Tuesday during a press conference. He refused to give details on where the baby was located or the names of those being detained.

One of those detained was a woman who was with the child’s grandmother before the abduction, San Jose Police spokesman Sgt. Christian Camarillo told reporters.

“This was a person who was with the grandmother yesterday when they went shopping, she was present at the apartment complex when this happened,”He said. “There have been some inconsistencies with what she has told us. Obviously, drawing our attention to what she knows about this.”

San Jose Police and the FBI stated earlier that they were seeking a man to kidnap the infant in broad daylight.

According to authorities, the kidnapping took place Monday afternoon at her San Jose apartment. According to police, the woman was looking after her grandson while she was at work.

According to police, the grandmother had brought the child inside her house after shopping for groceries. According to authorities, she went back to her car for more bags but returned to find the infant gone.

According to San Jose police surveillance video, a man was seen leaving the apartment complex carrying a car with a blanket over it. The video was posted on social media by the department to seek information from witnesses.


“Right now, we have every available resource not only out in the field, but here at the police department working this case,”Police Sgt. Christian Camarillo stated at a Monday press conference.

Officers were visiting the area door to door on Tuesday in search of information. Over 100 volunteers were also part of the search. 

According to police, the suspect was not recognized by the infant’s grandmother or mother. The infant’s father is currently incarcerated and investigators planned to speak to him, authorities said.

According to police, the suspect is Hispanic and was wearing black pants, dark blue shirt, gray baseball hat, and gray shoes. The infant was last seen in a white onesie that had gray dinosaurs on it.

Anybody with information should call the San Jose Police Department at (408-537-1142).