‘Three’s Company’ Stars No Longer with Us


The 1970s saw the rise of the Internet. ‘80s, Three’a CompanyIt was one of the most watched sitcoms. Every week, viewers tuned in eagerly to see Jack Tripper (played primarily by John RitterJanet Wood, played by) and he navigates life with Janet Wood (played). Joyce DeWitt) and Chrissy Snow (played by Suzanne Sommers). At the time, platonic co-ed living situations were pretty taboo, which made for plenty of racy jokes and risqué double entendres. The show’s eight seasons featured many memorable performances from a variety of talented actors. Many of these actors are no longer with us. Here’s a list of actors on Three’s Company who have since passed away.

John Ritter

Three’s CompanyCharacter: Jack Tripper

Date of death: September 11, 2003

Also known for: Problem Child, 8 Simple Rules… for Dating My Teenage Daughter, Bad Santa

The passing of John Ritter (a beloved comedian and actor) at 54 was a devastating blow to the entire world. He was currently starring in the sitcom 8 Simple Rules… for Dating My Teenage Daughter(which featured then-unknown Kaley cuoco). Ritter experienced severe chest pains while filming and was taken to the hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, his condition worsened. Doctors discovered that Ritter was suffering from an acute aortic dissection, which had been incorrectly diagnosed. He was taken into surgery but it was too late to repair the rupture—Ritter died in the hospital that night.

He is best known for his role as a spokesman in Three’s CompanyRitter left behind a legacy that included dramatic and comedic work. His widow, Amy Yasbeck (actress) and their child Stella Lee (child), survived him. According to reports, who has transitionedNow, he goes by Noah. Ritter also had three children through his first marriage: Tyler and Carly. Raising Dion actor Jason Ritter—who is husband to Yellowjackets actress Melanie Lynskey.

Don Knotts

Three’s Company Character: Ralph Furley

Date of death:February 24, 2006

Also known for: Andy Griffith Show, The Amazing Mr. Limpet, Herbie goes to Monte Carlo

Before appearing on The Tonight Show, Don Knotts had a long, successful career. Three’s Company as the group’s wacky landlord Ralph Furley. He was well known for playing Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife on the ‘60s sitcom The Andy Griffith ShowThis role earned him five Emmy Awards as Outstanding Supporting Actor in Comedy Series. Knotts was also a part of a number of comedy films, including the 1964 smash. The Amazing Mr. Limpet The Ghost and Mr. Chicken 1966

Knotts was added to the cast of Three’s CompanyDuring its fourth season Normal Fell was replaced by this character, and he will now star in his own spinoff. The Ropers. Knotts’ character became an instant favorite and stayed on the show for the remainder of its run. Knotts, who was 81 years old, died from complications of lung cancer in 2006.

Ann Wedgeworth

Three’s Company Character: Lana Shields

Date of death:November 16, 2017

Also known for: Steel Magnolias, The Edge of Night, Evening Shade

Ann Wedgewood played Lana Shields, an amorous divorcée who had a serious crush on Jack Tripper. Unfortunately, Jack did not share the attraction and spent much of the show trying to thwart Lana’s unwanted and very obvious advances. Wedgewood joined the cast of The Simpsons in 1979. She appeared on 13 episodes in the fourth season. However, her character never returned.

Wedgewood, a well-known character actress, won the Tony Award for Best Performance in a Featured Actress In a Play. Chapter 21978. She was also in over two dozen movies, including the 1989 blockbuster. Steel MagnoliasShe starred as Merleen Elldridge for four seasons on CBS’ sitcom Evening ShadeAfter a long struggle, she passed away at 83.

Norman Fell

Three’s CompanyCharacter: Stanley Roper

Date of death:December 14, 1998

Also known for: Bullitt, It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, The Ropers

One of the show’s original cast members, Normal Fell played the gang’s grumpy landlord, Stanley Roper. He lived with Helen in the apartment above Jack, Janet and Chrissy and was always fighting. After three seasons, he was gone. Three’s Company,Their spin-off, called “The Bickering Couple”, was created. The Ropers. It was less popular than its parent series and lasted only two seasons.

Before Three’s Company, Fell was a well-known actor and character actor, who appeared in many movies and TV shows. Ocean’s 11, Bullitt, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Perry Mason, and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.Soon after being diagnosed, he passed away at the age of 75.

Audra Lindley

Three‘s CompanyCharacter: Helen Roper

Date of deathOctober 17, 1997

Also known for: Cannery Row’s The Heartbreak Kid, Troop Beverly Hills

Audra Lindley played Mr. Roper’s other half, the sexually frustrated Helen Roper. She was always dressed in bright housecoats and craved attention from her husband. When The RopersThe first was debuted on Tuesday nights, right after Three’s CompanyIt received high ratings and was considered to be a success. The ratings dropped immediately after the show was moved to a Saturday evening slot by the network for its second season.

Lindley began her career as an actress on the stage, and she appeared on Broadway in plays such a “The Crown” On Golden Pond, Long Day’s Journey into Night, Horse Heavens.She has also appeared on TV before and after her time. Three’s Company. According to her obituary, the Los Angeles Times, She had taped an episode for the TV show Cybill One month before her death, at the age of just 79, from leukemia.

Dick Shawn

Three’s Company CharacterJack Tripper, Sr.

Date of death:April 17, 1987

Also known for: Producers, It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Love at the First Bite

Dick Shawn played Jack’s father, Jack Tripper, Sr., in a season eight episode of Three’s Company. A shrewd salesman, he helped his son negotiate a deal to save his struggling restaurant, Jack’s Bistro.

Shawn was on the scene when Shawn arrived Three’s CompanyHe was an actor on screen and stage. His movies include It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad WorldProducersYou can also watch TV shows like Love, American Style, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, Magnum, P.I.Shawn, who was 63 years of age, suffered a fatal heart attack onstage at University of California San Diego. According to His obituary was published in the Los Angeles Times,The audience believed that his collapse was part and parcel of the show until paramedics arrived.

Priscilla Morrill

Three’s CompanyCharacter: Mrs. Mrs.

Date of death:November 9, 1994

Also known for: Mary Tyler Moore Show, All In The Family, Newhart

Priscilla Morrill played Chrissy’s mother, Mrs. Snow, in the second episode of the show’s very first season. The plot revolved around Janet and Chrissy’s attempts to hide Jack from Mrs. Snow, their male roommate, was feared to be unapproving.

Morrill was a well-known television actress at the time she appeared on Three’s Company, best-known for playing Lou Grant’s wife, Edie, on Mary Tyler Moore Show. She was also a regular on Family, Bret Maverick,The soap opera Santa Barbara?, and Newhart.Morrill, 67, died from complications caused by a kidney infection.

Irene Tedrow

Three’s Company CharacterMiss Arlington and Aunt Martha

Date of death:March 10, 1995

Also known for: Dennis the Menace, The Cincinnati Kid Mary Tyler Moore Show

Irene Tedrow appears on Three’s Company two times as different characters. In season three, she played Helen Roper’s Aunt Martha, whom Chrissy and Janet mistakenly believe is dating Jack. In season nine, she played Miss Arlington, a guest dining at Jack’s Bistro.

Tedrow’s acting career began in 1929, when she was a radio entertainer. Tedrow appeared on Broadway many times, and she had prominent roles on classic TV shows such as Dragnet, Leave It to Beaver The Real McCoys?, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. She was also Mrs. Lucy Elkins’s wife. Dennis the MenaceFrom 1959 to 1963. Tedrow was 87 when she died after suffering a stroke.

Don Porter

Three’s CompanyCharacter: Jack’s great uncle, Fremont Tripper

Date of death: February 11, 1997

Also known for: Green Acres, Hawaii Five-O, The Bionic Woman

The second season of Three’s Company, veteran actor Don Porter appeared as Jack’s uncle, Freemont Tripper. After writing a bad check for Mr. Roper, the landlord, the character of Jack gets in serious trouble.

Porter was a popular actor on sitcoms. He is best known for his role as Peter Sands Private Secretary and Gidget’s dad on Gidget.He has also appeared on shows, such as Green Acres, Hawaii Five-O, Here’s Lucy, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, Matlock.At the age of 84, he died from natural causes.

Sheila Rogers

Three’s CompanyCharacterMarge Andrews, desk nurses, and many more

Date of Death: June 7, 2003

Also known for: The Kentucky Fried Movie, Donna Reed Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show

Sheila Rogers played a number of minor characters Three’s Company,Chrissy also babysat Jack’s baby in season two. She was also Chrissy’s desk nurse in season six. She also appeared in two of season eight’s episodes as Marge Andrews, a nurse who works with Terri, who is one of the show’s main characters in later seasons.

Rogers was no stranger in sitcoms, when she first started appearing on them. Three’s Company. Her appearances on popular shows include The Donna Reed Show, Dennis the Menace, My Three Sons, and What’s Happening!!! She was also featured on an episode Three’s Company spin-off, The Ropers. She died at age 78. Her cause of death remains unknown.

William Pierson

Three’s Company Character: Henry Travers

Date of death:August 27, 2004

Also known for: All In The Family, Diff’rent Strokes, Facts of Life

The first four seasons of Three’s Company,Jack Tripper was studying to be a chef. William Pierson appeared on this show As Henry Travers, the headmaster and dean of Jack’s culinary school. Travers was not only very strict with his students but also often fell prey to misunderstandings between Jack and his two female roommates.

Pierson’s Broadway debut as an actor was in Marko, the original Broadway production. Stalag 17. He also appeared in the show’s 1953 film adaptation directed by Billy Wilder. Other roles followed, including in films like Operation Mad Ball Have fun with Jane and DickHe found success in the ‘70s and ‘80s guest starring on sitcoms including Good Times, All In The Family, Alice, and Diff’Rent Strokes Pierson died at the age of78 due to respiratory failure.

Macon McCalman

Three’s CompanyCharacter: Roland Wood and Mr. Penrose

Date of death:November 29, 2005

Also known for: Deliverance, Starsky & Hutch, The Jeffersons

Macon McCalman was the first to make an appearance on Three’s Company in the show’s third season as a lecherous lawyer who hits on Chrissy. He popped up again in seasons five and six, this time as Janet’s dad, Ronald Wood. As you might expect, Mr. Wood does not know that his daughter is living in a relationship with a man. Janet goes to great effort to conceal this fact.

She also played the role of Deputy Queen, in the 1972 film Deliverance,McCalman has appeared in movies such as Slap Shot. Smokey and the Bandit. The Incredible Shrinking Woman. Fried Green Tomatoes. He also had roles on some of the most popular sitcoms of the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s, including The Jeffersons. Cheers, Family Ties. Designing Women. The Wonder Years.After suffering several strokes, he died at 72.

Rod Colbin

Three’s Company Character:Mr. Franklin and Mr. Hadley

Date of death:February 4, 2007

Also known for:  Barney Miller, A-Team, Harper Valley P.T.A.

Even though Rod Colbin was two characters in the film, Three’s Company,They were very similar in their nature. He appeared as Cindy’s boss, Mr. Hadley, in a season five episode, and as Janet’s boss, Mr. Franklin, in an episode during season six.

Colbin was a familiar figure on the small screen. Colbin appeared on several shows, including Sanford And Son, Charlie’s Angels, Lou Grant, Remington Steele, AndHardcastle and McCormickHe also appeared on the Three’s Company spin-off, The Ropers as Hubert Armbrewster, Helen Roper’s brother-in-law. After suffering several strokes, he passed away at the age of 83.

Paul Ainsley

Three’s Company Character:Jim the bartender

Date of death:  January 19, 2013 

Also known for:  Wings, Weird Science Babylon 5

Paul Ainsley appeared in 13 episodes of Three’s Company as Jim, the friendly bartender at the gang’s favorite watering hole, the Regal Beagle. A few TV shows featured Ainsley, but his best-known role was the one he played as King Herod in Broadway’s first Broadway production. Jesus Christ Superstar. He continued to perform the role for many years, both on national tours as well as at benefit events. Other notable credits include Pirate King, in Pirates of PenzanceHerbie and Gypsy.Ainsley was 67 years old when she died of heart-related complications.

Mickey Deems

Three’s Company Character: Mr. Hubbard, the singing telegram man and many other things

Date of death:April 14, 2014

Also known for: Trapper John, MD, Laverne & Shirley, The Jeffersons

Mickey Deems was a bit part of the movie. Three’s Company Through the years. He was seen twice in season 5. First, he played the role of Gimbel and then as a singing telegramman. In season six, he was cast as a maitre’d, and in season seven he played a character called Mr. Hubbard. He was also a drunken guy in an episode on the Three’s Company spin-off, The Ropers.

Mickey Deems was also a guest on several other TV programs, including The Jeffersons, Operation Petticoat, Laverne & Shirley, he’s best known for being the fifth husband and widower of legendary actress Judy Garland. Deems died from congestive heart disease at the age 68.

Brad Blaisdell

Three’s Company Character:Mike the bartender

Date of death:December 26, 2018

Also known for: Happy Days, Family Matters, Criminal Minds

After Paul Ainsley departed the show as the Regal Beagle’s bartender, Brad Blaisdell stepped in as a new barkeep named Mike. During the fifth, sixth, seven, and eight seasons, he appeared in 13 episodes.

Blaisdell was a well-known actor who appeared on television shows like Criminal Minds, The Mentalist Chicago Hope And Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.After a long battle with cancer, he died at the age 69.

Georgann Johnson

Three’s Company Character:Mrs. Tripper

Date of death: June 4, 2018

Also known for: Midnight Cowboy – The Day After, Dr. Quinn – Medicine Woman

We met Jack Tripper’s mother, Mrs. Tripper, in season seven. Georgann Johnson played her mother, and later she was known for playing Elizabeth Quinn. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Johnson also played roles in Archie Bunker’s Place, The Colbys, Wiseguy, And Thirtysomething,She was seen in films like Midnight Cowboy, The Slugger’s Wife, Murphy’s Romance?, and Quicksilver. She died at the age 91 from natural causes.

Peter Mark Richman

Three’s Company Character: Reverend Luther Snow

Date of death:January 14, 2021

Also known for: Cain’s Hundred, Fugitive, The Man from U.N.C.L.E

Peter Mark Richman was featured on three episodes Three’s Company as Reverend Luther Snow, Chrissy’s dad. If his face looks familiar, it’s because he has appeared in more than 24 films and 150 TV shows, including Fantasy Island, Dynasty, Hart to Hart, Knight Rider, Murder, She Wrote, Star Trek: The Next Generation AndBeverly Hills, 90210. Richman died naturally at the age of 93.