Thug tied her up in a headlock and took her to bed.


Allan MacGilvray of Hull, aged 25, was called a “controlling and dangerous”Two women were attacked by a man, one of which he tied to a bed with a headlock.

A thug was also known as “volatile, controlling and dangerous man”He attacked two women, one of which he had just met online.

Allan MacGilvray of Hull, 25, took one of his victims and put her in a headlock. He then grabbed her and dragged him while she was still in a. “tight grip”Make sure you have a place to sleep.

She lost consciousness and had a panic attack. It was likely that this was the only thing that saved her from further violence, according to a court.

According to reports, the other woman was left with a dark eye because he lost his temper in an argument. HullLive.

MacGilvray, who denied assaulting a female and causing bodily harm between November 15th and 17 last year, was convicted following a trial. The jury at Hull Crown Court convicted him of assaulting a woman and causing actual bodily harm.

MacGilvray, an ex-Scunthorpe resident, admitted that he assaulted a second woman and caused actual bodily harm. He was also charged with criminal damage.

Prosecutor Michael Greenhalge told the Bradford Crown Court sentencing hearing that MacGilvray had met the woman online and that she invited him to her house for consensual sex.

He was still there so she did an online search to find out his new attitude. He put her in an emcee until she couldn’t speak.

After calming down, he checked her messages, and began to question her. The court heard that MacGilvray put her again in a headlock and then dragged her into a bed.

He choked her until she was unconscious.

The second incident occurred when he punched her in her face during an argument, leaving her blacked out.

Later, the woman’s mother noticed the injury and asked her questions about it. However, she refused to discuss it.

MacGilvray had previously smashed the TV of a friend’s house after throwing a glass at it when he was angry.

On Christmas Eve, he also broke a window in his living room with a shovel.

MacGilvray has been convicted for 65 other offences, including violence controlling and coercive behavior, sending a threat message, assault causing actual body harm, assault, a firearm offense, and false imprisonment.

David Hall, an intigating party, claimed the victim of the first offense was “overacting deliberately”During the trial, and displayed an “hysterical manner”In court

There was no indication that she had suffered any more than “limited harm”He said.

After one punch, the victim suffered a black eye from the second assault.

“He has had a very difficult and unpleasant upbringing,”Mr Hall. “When he comes out of prison, he will be starting from scratch and will have nowhere to go.”

Recorder Ben Nolan QC said: “I have no doubt that he is a highly dangerous offender. He is a heavily convicted man. This is a highly unpredictable, volatile, controlling and dangerous man.”

Recorder Nolan described the first headlock incident as “unnerving and very unpleasant.”

“The following day, a similar altercation took place between them. He again put her in a headlock and, with her head under a tight grip, he dragged her to a bed.

“The strangulation caused her to become briefly unconscious.”

The woman suffered a panic attack and this deterred MacGilvray from further violence.

The second woman suffered a black eye and the two “Single, vulnerable women” had made the “mistake” of beginning a short relationship with MacGilvray, a mistake that had been made by earlier women, said Recorder Nolan.

MacGilvray, who was in Leeds prison, was sentenced in his absence, with his consent, after a video link could not be provided to the court. He was jailed for three years.

In November last year, the police launched a manhunt for MacGilvray in connection with the rape matter that ultimately resulted in an acquittal at trial.