Thug who killed boy by knifing his head outside Sainsbury’s prison for 22 years


Imran Boudjellel (age 20, killed Joseph Marafini, 15 in Earlsfield Wandsworth in an attack at a Sainsbury’s Earlsfield Wandsworth in October 2020

A judge sentenced a man who stabbed a boy to death with a knife has placed him in jail for at most 22 years “the cancer that is gang culture and knife crime”.

Joseph Marafini (15) was killed outside Sainsbury’s, Garratt Lane Earlsfield, London just before 5pm on October 29, 2013. A police van drove past.

Imran Boudjellel (age 20, from Peasbody Hill in Norwood, south east London), confronted Joseph, and stabbed him in both the neck and chest with a 26cm blade.

Boudjellel denied that he had committed murder, but a Kingston Crown Court jury found him guilty after a four-week trial.

Judge John Lodge, C.P. sentenced him today. “The events of the 29th of October are tragically typical of the cancer that is gang culture and knife crime.”

He claimed that there was “not a shred of evidence”Joseph and his two friends were either armed at time of attack, or the defendant was self-defence.

“It was a deliberate attack with intent to cause, at the very least, very serious harm.”

He explained how Boudjellel (age 19 at the time) had come from a “difficult”Home life was disrupted by bullying, and I became a victim of this behavior before I embraced knife culture.

The judge had previously directed the jury not to find four teenage codefendants guilty of murder or causing grievous bodily injury.

At the time of the crime, a police car was passing by. Officers ran to Boudjellel to save Joseph’s life.

Boudjellel was seen to throw a bloody knife over a wall while he was being chased into Garratt Lane Burial Ground.

Joseph died in St George’s Hospital that afternoon, despite all the efforts of his medical staff.

Jurors were told that DNA analysis revealed that the blood on the knife was identical to Joseph’s.

Police found a second 15-year old boy in agony on the floor and stabbed him in the arm.

Jurors heard that he was discharged from St George’s Hospital after being treated for two days.

Natalie Marafini, Joseph’s mother, fought back tears while reading an impact statement.

“He wanted to learn to drive, to visit America, to see the world, to make something of his life,”She spoke.

Joseph’s brother Samuel, she said, leaves his back open each day so he can come home.

“I have become a shadow of my former self, longing for the day to end but dreading sleep,”The mum also added.

Boudjellel was addressed directly by her. “When you speak my son’s name you disgust me.

“Because you and I are both right, I refuse to look at you when you look at me in court.

“What you did that day was pure evil.”

Dean George, the defender, stated that Boudjellel was particularly vulnerable due to his mother’s mental illness.

He stated that his client displayed a certain amount of regret when he took the stand during his trial.

“There was an outward, at least, emotional display by him and recognition of the impact,”He added.

Court was shown CCTV footage showing the group walking around Southside Shopping Centre before they entered JD Sports. Five Guys was also there shortly before the attack.

Just as the attack began, the van’s police officers were driving past the scene.

The court heard that Joseph was seen in bodyworn footage by a van police officer, with his arms outstretched and backing away as Boudjellel attacked.

After sliding down a shop windowsill, he laid on the pavement.

Boudjellel was arrested as he attempted climbing a fence.

Police were able to speak with the injured 15-year-old and confirm that he had no idea why he and his friend were attacked.

Boudjellel denied, but was convicted of murder, wounding with intention, and possessing a bladed article at a public place.