Tiffany Coyne met her husband at The Romantic Way Let’s Make A Sale’


Tiffany CoyneGame show fans will be familiar with her. Former model and dancer, hosts Let’s Make a DealViewers love to see her on their screens. What do we know about her husband? Chris Coyne?

Tiffany Coyne’s Cruise Ship Romance

It’s unknown when the couple got hitched, but their love story seems straight out of a rom-com. They met while both working as performers on a cruise ship—she was a dancer while he was a singer. Their time on the cruise ship wasn’t just for budding romance; they’ve also used it as a springboard for their respective careers in the entertainment industry. 

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Tiffany has been involved in dance since high school and performed with the Utah Jazz before she joined the cruise line performers. Tiffany left the boat and traveled to Vegas where she performed in shows such as Jubilee! Fashionistas

Her Long Tenure On ‘Let’s Make a Deal’

In 2009, she was hired to be a floormodel. Let’s Make a Deal. Tiffany attributes her success to her dancing training. “It’s almost like choreography when it’s like a living room set, or a bedroom set, because there are a bunch of different prizes so you’re moving from this to that to this,” In 2012, Coyne stated in an interview. “You have to do it in a way that looks elegant and smooth, so I think the dance training helps a lot.”

Tiffany worked on the game-show, as well filming appearances. The Bold the Beautiful and The Price is RightShe also models for Chase Bank and United Airlines. She is currently the host of Let’s Make a DealWayne Brady is an actor and comedian.

What Does Chris Coyne Do

However, Tiffany isn’t the only performer in the family. Chris, her husband is a self-described “single performer.” “author, singer, songwriter, stand-up [comedian], and modern dancer.”He has been nominated twice for Emmys for his work as sound editor. Chris’s work includes Looney Tunes – New, Big Hero 6: The Series, Elena of AvalorAnd Scooby-Doo, Guess Who? 

It makes sense that Chris would work on a number of children’s TV shows; he and Tiffany share two kids. In 2013, Scarlett was born to the couple, and Carter in 2018. They frequently post photos of their families on Instagram, sharing family vacations, holiday celebrations and birthday parties. The showbiz matchmaker Tiffany and Chris looks great! 

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