Tiger Woods allegedly fighting with Elin Nordegren, ex-wife of Tiger Woods, over letting their son Golf professionally


Are you Tiger WoodsAnd Elin NordegrenThey are at odds about how to deal with their son Charlie‘s budding golf career? One tabloid claims Woods is fostering Charlie’s skills, but Nordegren doesn’t want the pro-golfer life for her son. Here’s the latest Tiger Woods gossip.

Tiger Woods And Elin Nordegren ‘At Odds’?

The latest edition OK! According to reports, Tiger Woods wants Charlie, his little brother, to follow his lead. “Tiger thinks it would be great for Charlie to have a destiny like his,”Insiders spill the beans. But Charlie’s mother, Elin Nordegren, thinks the pro-golfing world isn’t good for their son. The tipster explains that she doesn’t “want golf consuming their son’s life.”

Now, Woods & Nordegren are “clashing” over how to handle Charlie’s golfing dreams. “Elin worries he’s going to suffocate Charlie,”Source confides. “She reasons it’s hard enough to be a kid these days without this as added pressure.” But she isn’t going to stop Charlie if it truly is his dream to be a pro-golfer. “She concedes that it boils down to what Charlie wants,”The insider concludes.

What’s Going On With Tiger Woods?

After investigating the tabloid’s claims, we’re left with one question: Why would Woods and Nordegren just now be arguing about this? If we’re to believe the magazine’s version of events, then Charlie Woods waltzed onto the green for the first time last month and The PNC championship second place was won by pure natural talent. We’re certain that wasn’t the case, and Charlie has likely been honing his golf skills for years now.

And if Charlie has been practicing for so long — and judging from his skills, he likely has been — this conversation between Woods and Nordegren probably happened a long time ago. We’re pretty sure Charlie’s parents came to an agreement about the sport long before he signed up for the PNC Championship, and they’ve both thrown their full support behind him. The golf professionals are correct in stating that Charlie has a lot of career options if he chooses not to pursue the sport.

The Tabloids About Tiger Woods

We know better than to trust any tabloid’s take on Tiger Woods. After suffering multiple injuries in a nearly fatal car accident, the National Enquirer Woods was accused of being on a “slippery slope”You can relapse. Then, Globe Woods said he was unable to play golf and that he would never be able to again. More recently, Star reported Tiger Woods’ girlfriend was leaving him over his injuries. Obviously, these magazines don’t have any insight into Woods’ personal life or career.

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