TikTok is being overthrown by the All-Meat Lion Diet


TikTok is now controlled by carnivorous content creators

The “Lion Diet”This is the latest trend on social media, where users are eager to share the benefits that come with eating only meat, salt and water for a whole month.

Although there are limited choices, it is easy to know what you can and can’t eat.

“I eat any type of animals or animal products,” Courtney Luna tells Inside Edition. She often shares her meaty meals via TikTok. “three quarter-pounders.” 

Luna is one in a growing number of social meat-eater stars who have fallen under the spell of this diet, which TikTok users have credited with helping them overcome everything from allergies and headaches to bad skin and mood swings.

You can also find tips on how to make easy substitutions for your favorite foods while following the Lion Diet.

“Instead of using pasta, I used lamb intestine,”One TikTok user pointed out this while trying to make spaghetti and meatballs.

The best part is that there are no restrictions on how much meat you can eat.

Inside Edition wanted a way to find out if a dietician feels the same about The Lion Diet. So, we asked Jacqueline London. 

“It is absolutely not a good idea to only survive on meat, water and salt,”London:


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