TikTok Mom was Criticized Online for Allowing a 5-Year-Old Girl To Bleach Her Hair


Mom-shamed by TikTok influencer for allowing her 5-year old daughter to bleach her hair.

Demi Engemann (28), let Maude, her kindergartener, skip school to attend a mommy-daughter day. 

“I don’t regret it, to be honest,”Inside Edition hears her story.

She captured the entire process in a TikTok which has been viewed more than 17 million times.

“This was actually all her idea. She told me that one of her friend’s had purple hair. She was like, ‘Well I want my hair blonde.’ And I was like, ‘OK well let me text my hair girl,’”Engemann stated.

A few texts later Maude had her naturally brown hair covered in foils. 

The video received instant backlash online. 

“You better take some parenting classes,”One commenter wrote. 

“Why? She’s just a child and has her whole life to be worried about her looks,”Another writer.

But Engemann disagrees.

“OK, is it the best thing for her, the chemicals and everything? You could argue that, probably not. But at the end of the day, the upside was that she would feel confident and happy and be stoked on this,”Engemann stated.

Dr. Doris Day says as a dermatologist she doesn’t have an objection to dying hair with chemical products, “even in children if it’s done properly and carefully” and if they don’t have any sensitivities to the ingredients. 

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