TikTok Star Ali Abulaban Reportedly Jealous Over Wife’s Social Life Before Allegedly Killing Her: Cousin


TikTok’s TikTok star Ali Abulaban allegedly killed his wife. In an interview with KFMB-TV, according to his cousin Louie Marinari, Ali Abulaban was very controlling of his wife, Ana.

“He just became super jealous because his wife was going out with friends, and he wasn’t involved,”Marinari stated.  

CBS News reports that Abulaban has been charged with double-murder in relation to the deaths his estranged wife Ana Abulaban (and another man) 

KFMB in San Diego said that Abulaban was lying to them about their marriage breaking apart. 

“He thought they were going to get back together,’ Marinari said.

“I can’t even smile right now because I think this girl you know is losing both parents, and that’s very sad,”Marinari spoke about the daughter Marinari had with her.

The username Jinnkid is used to identify the suspect and he has over a million followers on TikTok.

CBS News reports that he has pleaded not guilt to the charges and could face death penalty if convicted.