TikTok Video Tricks Woman into Driving to North Carolina Town, Expecting Swiss Alps Scenery


One woman’s hilarious TikTok mishap is highlighting why it’s so important to do your research before traveling to a new destination. 

Olivia Garcia was on a roadtrip in North CarolinaShe was with her husband, father-in-law, and mother-in law when she saw a viral social media video showing a beautiful, snowy mountain community. The caption stated that Gastonia, North Carolina was the location. 

Garcia convinced everyone that they should drive an extra hour to see the beautiful scenery. 

The only problem — it was all a big joke.

The video was made by Zack Keesee as a gag. And those snow-capped mountains weren’t really in Gastonia, North Carolina, but actually in a small town in Switzerland.

When Garcia finally reached Gastonia, there were sadly no mountains, but plenty of gas stations and flat terrain — a far cry from the Swiss Alps. 

“We all just laughed at the whole situation. I thought it was so funny that I fell for this Gastonia trick,” Garcia said.

“I’m not gullible, but I don’t always do my due diligence and research,”She went on.

Keesee stated that he felt bad. “but I can’t say blame is entirely on me, as she said, she didn’t really look it up.”

Nearly 6 Million people have viewed the Gastonia video.