TikTok Viral video appears to show Ghost taking out the collar of a dog.


A viral video shows paranormal believers keeping their beloved pets close to their hearts in a new viral video. The footage is from home security footage. Two dogs can be heard barking at each other when their collars are unclipped. TikTok posted the video. The woman who uploaded it believes that it was the work a ghost.

Shannyfantg posted a 48 second clip taken from her TikTok monitor camera. The clip shows her dogs barking and agitated in their crates. They both suddenly stop, but they still look alert until one of their collars falls off. The dog has an intense physical reaction, and both continue barking — possibly at the spirit or poltergeist that undid the clasp. Some commenters say that this is the most convincing ghost footage they’ve ever seen.


Sorry for the excessive barking at the start. My black dog is watching. Ghost removes her collar from her crate. #fyp #ghost #dog #scary #wtf

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According to a report by, Shannyfantg comes from Phoenix, Arizona. Newsweek. On Sunday, she posted two additional clips that showed her alleged haunting. These included things falling off her counter and her gates swinging open unassisted. Neither had the same impact as her dog video.

“Sorry for the obnoxious barking at the beginning. Watch my black dog. Ghost takes her collar off in her crate,”Shannyfantg wrote. Commenters also claim they can hear something just before the collar falls off — possibly a whisper or a mumble. Many encouraged one another not to lower the volume and to listen for themselves.

Shannyfantg shared more details on TikTok after the video gained some momentum online. She wrote, “This happened around a year after we moved in to this house. For almost two years nothing had happened, but now things are back to normal.”” It’s not clear where the video was taken, but viewers have speculated wildly about the location and the circumstances that could have led to this apparent haunting.

“I have never seen a more convincing ghost video.” one user wrote. Another added: “Both became very quiet… Both felt the energy and a third commented: “You can physically hear the snap being undone. Like it wasn’t just loose before that and fell off.”

“That poor dog. They both knew there was someone there,”Another top comment. Shannyfantg also left a comment explaining why dogs are kept in crate when she’s not home. She wrote: They have to be there for their safety. They will. [eat]All. They are usually only there for two to three hours.

Shannyfantg did not respond to requests from other news outlets for more information. Many users have asked their paranormal investigators to help with this case.