TikToker CelinaSpookyBoo Tearfully discusses Husband’s Head Trauma


TikTok star CelinaSpookyBoo is opening up about her husband, Adam Myers, and the head injury he suffered five years ago.

The social media sensation—whose real name is Celina Myers—is known on TikTok for telling pun-filled jokes to her husband, having amassed over 25 million followers on the app in under three years. Celina says that Adam is still struggling with medical complications from a fall he suffered while balancing on a pole in their backyard in 2017.

In a new YouTube videoCelina, who was unable to post on April 22 due to her injuries, broke down while sharing the details with viewers. “I don’t really think Adam has quality of life.”

“There’s never a moment that he’s comfortable,”She continued. “He has to be in his own room and he can’t really do anything with his arms. Everything makes him worse at this point.”

Adam is able to eat and dress himself, but he has severe disabilities. “pounding headaches,”Celina explained that Celina has difficulty sleeping and is often uncomfortable around bright lights. Adam also often feels dizzy and nauseated. Adam stays home alone and avoids socializing with others.