TikTok’s star is being attacked by acid-throwing men in masks – World News


Jenny Elhassan was streaming live from Sydney when a man dressed in a mask threw acidic liquid into her face. This left her asking for water, and caused her top layer to ‘come off’.

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Sydney: TikTok star attacked with acid by masked men

One TikTok Star was apparently sprayed by acid while filming livestreams for her followers. It left her gasping for air and asking for water.

Jenny Elhassan was 32 years old and had been eating at Old Town Hong Kong Restaurant in Haymarket. On Friday evening, she started a livestream. It ended at 11:15pm.

Outside the venue, a black car pulled up in front her. Three masked men then climbed out and poured acidic liquid into her face.

Jenny was screaming in pain, and could be heard shouting “I can’t see”The stream was cut off.

Restaurant staff raced to get her water bottles to pour over her face.

Later, she was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital where she recorded another video that showed burn marks on her neck and forehead.

As she spoke, she said to the camera: “See the burn marks on my neck and the burn marks across my head. And my eyesight.”

During the video, she added: “Very s**t job. My daughter could have thrown it better.”

Jenny was scared that she might have lost her eyesight after the attack.

She also described how her glasses saved her life in another clip. “I had my glasses on, imagine I didn’t have my glasses on.

“So, I was walking out of the restaurant and a guy in a black-hooded shirt, he had a mask on … threw black acid on my face.”

She has since been discharged from hospital and an investigation has been launched by Sydney City Police Area Command.

Jenny told 9 News: “It could feel as if it was burning my skin. My eye’s top layer is slipping off. In the next few days, I’m scheduled to see a doctor.”

Detective Acting Inspector Sean West said the attack was “completely unacceptable” as the police appealed for witnesses.

He said: “At this point, we don’t know what acid it is.

“Some of our police also had some minor injuries, which, luckily for them, [needed] no more than some first-aid treatment.”

He said: “It’s heinous as an attack. Obviously the investigation is in its early stages and we are looking for a precise motive.

“We are aware that a certain social media video is being circulated at the moment and we have many avenues of inquiry. We are currently working to get all of that information.”

Andrew Bibb, inspector for NSW Ambulance told Daily Mail Australia:

“Her face was quite swollen as a result of the chemical substance which was also impacting her vision.

“Any chemical burn to the skin or any other part of the body can be very concerning.