Tilly Ramsay insists that Strictly will not curse her, as she’s a ‘good friend’ with Nikita



Strictly Come Dancing’s star admitted that Tana and Gordon have been making Nikita and her pack lunches during their intense training sessions. They also check on them throughout the day.

Tilly Ramsay has a secret weapon fuelling her bid for Strictly glory… her mum’s packed lunches.

With her telly chef dad Gordon giving nutritional tips, mum Tana has prepared nosh for Tilly’s 10-hour training days. Her pro dance partner Nikita Kuzmin also gets a helping hand.

Tilly, 19 –who today dismisses rumours of a romance with Nikita – tells the Sunday Mirror: “Mum makes packed lunches every day, even one for Niki, so it’s nice, it’s really good.

“Yesterday, it was salmon and an Asian coleslaw salad. She makes things that are healthy and very nutritious.

“They wake me up every morning with a cup of tea, then I come down to some nice toast or porridge.”

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Tilly, TikTok’s star, has been seeing Londoner Seth Mack for the past year. She insists they are not at risk of falling for the Strictly curse. This curse has caused a series of broken relationships as dance partners fall for stars.

She spoke of Nikita “We’re just having fun. I think people are just obsessed with the curse but don’t seem to realise we can be just good friends. And that’s all we are. People seem to forget that. I said from the start that I am here to learn to dance and that’s it.”

Nikita, aged 23, shrugs off the speculation and says: “Whatever is being said about us, we’re focused on our own dancing and that’s what matters to us.

“We are really happy just to dance and just to have fun. It’s like two good friends met for Strictly!”

Ukranian Nikita – who has dated dancer Nicole Wirt for five years – also has no intention of incurring the wrath of Gordon, 54.

Nikita added: “I got a bit scared the first time I met him.

“I was pretty anxious when we received a video call during training, but he’s so supportive, to be fair.

“Gordon and Tana even made me a nice card thanking me for having a good relationship with Tilly.

“I think what Gordon sees is that we get on well together and we are really happy just to be here in the show.”

The paso doble was performed last night by the couple. Tilly said that her father calls Tilly multiple times daily to check how training goes.

Gordon is renowned for his foulmouthed antics but viewers have seen a softer side as he beams with pride on the sidelines – and was even reduced to tears when Tilly did the Charleston.

Tilly says: “I know, I couldn’t believe it!

“People have seen a softer side to Dad, I don’t think anyone’s used to it, to be honest! It was nice to see. He’s got to go back to America for work, but is already telling me how many times a day he’s going to be calling to check in on me and Nikita.

“I think he’s loving how much fun I’m having, that I’m really enjoying it.”

Tilly says training is gruelling and the dancers’ work ethic was a real eye-opener.

She goes on: “You don’t know how much work gets put in behind the scenes. Until you’re actually doing it, I don’t think you really grasp the true amount that goes into it.

“I think I underestimate how strong dancers really are, and how they use literally every muscle in their body.

“I’m finding muscles I didn’t know I have – I’m like, ‘I didn’t even know that could hurt’! Even muscles in my feet are starting to ache, it’s crazy!”

Tilly has hosted several CBBC cooking programs and is a big social media star. However, she is still nervous about performing live.

She explains: “Week one I really struggled with the nerves and kind of freaked out. But we’ve got a new approach now.

“Before the dance I shout at Nikita, ‘I’m excited, I’m excited’. We avoid the use of the word nervous. When we say excited it makes us smile and brings us joy.

“It gets me in the mood. I try not to think about it being live. I don’t really think about the cameras so much. I think about the judges, everyone in the studio, which helps because I’m not thinking about the millions watching at home!”

Tilly has gained a new audience of viewers.

She adds: “I’ve had some lovely messages. I think it’s nice to give other people the confidence to do things they may not originally wanted to do.

“I love inspiring people to do new stuff, like to cook from a young age. “Now it’s just more inspiring people to be themselves, have fun, do what makes them happy.

“Be out of your comfort zone and push yourself.”