Tino Cheating on Bachelorette Rachel is the Biggest Mistake Of His Life


Tino Franco is taking accountability.

One month following Bachelorette fans watched him and Rachel Recchia get engaged, only to break up after he kissed another woman, the season 19 finalist is speaking out about the events leading up to their split, calling the kiss the “biggest mistake of my life.”

“I’m definitely not on Team Cheater,” he said on the Oct. 20 episode of The Viall Files podcast. “Like, I do not stand by what I did at all. It was not cool. It wasn’t fair to Rachel, and it haunts me daily still. It’s something I’m ashamed of and certainly wish I could have done it differently like a million times over.” 

Looking back at life after the proposal, Tino told host Nick Viall that his relationship with Rachel was at an “all-time high,”Tino said that even though the long distance was hard, she made him feel safe. Tino acknowledged that it was difficult to watch the show and deal with the public attention. He also said that things were not easy. “getting a little distant”They were together. And while Tino said he wanted to get back to the place he and Rachel were at before, he now wishes he had just given her some “breathing room”and been a more supportive friend.

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