Tipping Point fans spot ‘proof’ of Magnet Man as they’re distracted by ‘gorgeous’ player


Tipping Point fans are convinced there’s a secret ‘Magnet Man’ lurking inside the game machine on the hit ITV game show, conspiring to keep certain players in the show.

And nowhere was this apparent bias more evident to fans at home than during Wednesday’s episode, as viewers became distracted by one ‘gorgeous’ player who they reckoned should be kept in the game.

Four new players stepped up to the podium – Lucy, Catherine, Phil and Ethan.

But blonde-haired Lucy left fans at home in a bit of a tizzy, as they couldn’t help commenting on her good looks, as one tweeted: “Fabulous Lucy! Put a smile on Ben’s face!”

Another cheekily posted: “Lucy is nicely out in front.”

Fans were distracted by Lucy’s good looks

But Phil, on the other hand, left fans distracted with his choice of a black, red and white polo shirt, which featured a trio of bold colours in segments on the front.

Distracted fans immediately flocked to social media to comment on Phil’s fashion choice, with one writing: “I’ll be seeing that shirt in my nightmares!”

“We definitely won’t miss seeing that shirt,” someone else echoed, as a third tweeted: “I don’t know what made Phil buy that shirt!”

Fans weren’t keen on Phil’s shirt

And, despite his impressive performance in the first round, he was first to be eliminated – with several of his counters dangling on the very edge of the tipping point.

This led fans to post once again about the Magnet Man conspiracy that hangs over the programme.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “Proof there is a Magnet Man!”

Lucy made it through to the next round with Ben at the helm

Someone else followed up: “Magnet Man does it again!”, while another fan penned: “Magnet Man is on fire today!”

A fellow conspiracy theorist echoed: “Lucy has paid off Magnet Man. I am sure of it!”

“Magnet Man is working overtime today,” a fifth agreed.

Meanwhile, Lucy was onto a winning streak in the second round, accumulating a whopping nine counters in a single drop – and the coveted mystery prize of a Bluetooth speaker.

And it was Catherine who scooped the second mystery prize, despite Lucy announcing her intention to be “greedy” and go after it in Drop Zone Four.

Tipping Point airs weekdays from 4pm on ITV.

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