Tipping Point: Inbetweeners star is ITV player’s ‘double.


Tipping Point fans were distracted after seeing a player they thought looked very similar to a star from the Inbetweeners.

Rammy, a player, entered the ITV studio to try and win a huge cash prize from the TV Tipping Point machine.

Many fans noticed a striking resemblance to Simon Bird, the Inebtweens actor.

Bird was Will McKenzie, a hilarious schoolboy, on E4’s hit secondary school sitcom The Inbetweeners. The show aired for three seasons with two spin-off films.

Twitter was flooded with gleeful viewers who pointed out the actor’s similarity to the player during the show.

tipping point
Rammy won £10k on Tipping Point, but fans couldn’t believe how much he looked like Will from The Inbetweeners

One fan wrote: “Have I just seen will mckenzie on #tippingpoint”As they attached a laughing emoji

The second was: “Ramy looks like Will off The Inbetweeners”.

The third was also agreed to: “I thought he was Will from the inbetweeners at first.”

A fourth was added: “Well done to Will from the inbetweeners winning the 10k on Tipping Point”.

Amother thought that he was the fictional character, as he wrote. “Not only does he look like Will but he has the mannerisms too!

The clever doctor managed to walk away with a huge cash prize of £10,000 after demonstrating his highly impressive quiz skills.

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