Tipping Point’s Ben Shephard swipes at Boris Johnson


Tipping point: Lucky Stars host Ben Shephard made jokes about the coin pusher machine while Robert Peston laughed at Boris Johnson, prime minister.

The celebrity lineup included Loose Women’s Judi Love, The Only Way Is Essex’s Pete Wicks, Robert Peston and Robert Peston. The stars tried their luck at winning cash prizes for their chosen charities.

Ben welcomed them to the show, and they immediately got on with their questions.

Robert correctly answered a question regarding ABBA. He could also release a coin into a machine if he wanted to.

Ben laughed about Ben’s coin release technique, and encouraged him to pay more attention to his timing.

Ben took the opportunity to poke at the government
Ben took this opportunity to poke fun of the government

Peston dropped one of his counters into drop zone 4. Everyone gasped at his misfortune while Judi wondered’really?.’ After his turn, it was over.

Ben said then: “It’s like when you’re interviewing a politician and they just won’t give you an answer: ‘Really? Really?'”

Robert laughed and said: “Yeah, that’s the Boris Johnson of machines,”Which left his costars in tears of laughter.

Ben joined the fun and said: “Sitting on the edge. They’re going to sit on the edge and tease us sadly, nothing drops from the machine.”

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