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Tipping is a valued gesture for some people in the service sector, but it’s also a vital part of their income. While many in the U.S. would prefer to forgo tipping altogether and have an employee’s salary baked into the cost of the product or service, it doesn’t appear that will be happening anytime soon. Even more businesses are asking for tips these days.

Let’s take, for instance, a Reddit threads of recent interestThe poster indicated that they were asked for a tip at the vet’s latest visit.

“We have a great vet and they have helped us through many dog issues. They were already a more expensive choice but we found everything great about them. Recently we noticed a tip function on what seems like service-only items on the card reader,”Read the entire post “What’s the general consensus on this? I don’t want to be cheap but the bills are already very high.”

The poster said that they had asked staff for information and it was revealed that tips were being used for staff events. “team happy hour”Please contact us.

As businesses move to newer point-of-sale (POS) systems, it seems that asking for tips has become a simple task. Is it a good idea to tip everyone every time?

How POS Systems Impact Tipping Culture

You’ve likely been in a similar situation. The screen turns to your direction and you are asked to tip. Automatically built into the system, employees no longer have to rely on a tip jar for situations where a tip might be a nice gesture but isn’t built into their salaries.

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It can be easy not to notice the little glass jars inside. “TIPS”The prompt will be right in our faces, even if we’ve scribbled something on the front. Many of us tap the button quickly to add a tip, whether we are feeling guilty, ignorant, or pressured.

What’s more, many businesses seem to set the lowest tipping option at 20%, which used to be the standard for excellent service. It is common to see prompts for 25%, 30% or even 25% of the bill. Sure, you can always enter a custom tip, but many of us don’t want to fuss with the math in our heads and just pick a suggested option.

But just because the prompt is there doesn’t mean we have to tip.

Do You Feel Guilty more often? Us Too

The pressure to tip in a situation we weren’t originally planning to is real. We all know the general rules for restaurants and bars. However, it seems that the rules around tipping are becoming more complicated. Inflation and staffing issues only make things worse.

When a person’s wage is tied to tips, definitely don’t skip out. Waitstaff, housekeeping and tattoo artists are all good examples of the tip list. While you may tip 15-20% for certain services, others such as housekeeping staff, might only require two to five dollars per day.

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What about other pet services? While you shouldn’t tip your vet, other services like pet grooming, dog walking, or pet sitting might be more appropriate to tip if you’re happy with the service provided.

You can tip and give small gifts to your local establishments on the holidays. Regulars are often so grateful to businesses for bringing small gifts for their employees. Also, if you’re just extremely happy with the service or product, it can be a nice gesture regardless of the time of year.

Overall, we’re in the camp of tipping for the services that are necessary and not tipping where it’s not appropriate. Will we tell our parents and siblings about our wonderful vet? Absolutely. You might leave a glowing review on their site. But, as much as we love them, tipping them isn’t on our to-do list.

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