Tips for Saving Money on Heating Costs This Winter


Winter isn’t officially here yet, but plenty of Americans are already dreading their heating bills. Natural gas, which about half the country uses to heat their homes, is twice the price it was last year.

But you can save money on your heating bills with just a few simple tricks.

First, did you know 10% of your home’s heat can be lost through the floors? 

Home improvement expert Kathryn Emery says putting down a rug acts as a simple barrier that will keep the heat inside your home and save money on your energy bills.

Emery also recommends buying an infrared heat gun to help locate where the cold air may be getting in. 

Inside Edition tested a room that was 62 degrees, but after Emery’s next tip — closing the blinds — it warmed up to 66 degrees.  

“It’s going to keep that cold air out and that warm air in,” Emery said.

For a bonus, Emery says thermal curtains can act as a “blanket for your window.”

Changing the HVAC filter can also help reduce heating costs, to make it easier and more efficient for the air to pump through.

Another easy way to keep heat inside is to wrap your water heater and pipes with insulation. 

Easy steps you can take to keep you warm and save money this winter!