Tips for Winter Travel by Mechanic


Road salt and liquid brine are more important than ever as the U.S prepares for heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. With more than 100 million Americans being warned of winter storms, road salt is essential to ensure that everyone gets to their holiday destinations safely.

However, mechanics warn drivers about the potential damage to their cars and urge car owners to prevent corrosion.

Pat’s Autobody Shop in Wausau, Wisconsin, is no stranger to winter weather. The undercoating will protect your car from snow melting chemicals.

“The undercoating and rust proofing gives you an added layer of protection there that actually has a chemical in it that will soak into the pores of the metal and make it wick water,” said Andy Grundman, the body shop’s manager.

The metal will become more resistant against water after treatment.

“If you can’t get it wet, it can’t rust,” Grundman said.

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