Tips from a Security Expert on How to Stay Safe at Festivals & Parades This Summer


It was a sunny day with smiles, laughter and good old stars and stripes.

However, Enfield’s residents celebrated a delayed Fourth of July parade this weekend. But the thought of Highland park shootings in Illinois was still fresh in their minds.

Alaric Fox, Police Chief, states that security measures were increased to ensure everyone’s safety.

“There are spotters. There are scouts. There are folks that are in aerial positions that are keeping an eye. The drone is up overhead,”Fox said.

Additional officers were also sent.

Inside Edition security consultant Steve Kardian advises that you have a plan in place for when you arrive at events.

“You want to plan where you’re going to set up. Better on their outskirts than in the middle of the pack — that’s where bad things are going to happen,”Kardian stated.

Becky Fontaine and Chris Fontaine were there with their son Colton.

“For the baby, you want to get a bracelet with your name and your cell numbers on it in the event that you get separated,”Kardian stated.

Another idea for parents is to take a business card with your contact info and put it in your child’s pocket or write the information on their arm.

Kardian advises that you flee if the worst happens, such as what happened in Chicago. However, if you cannot flee, find a shelter or structure to hide behind.

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