Tish Cyrus allegedly trying to break up Miley’s new relationship over Divorce from Billy Ray, Dubious Insider Says


Is it? Tish CyrusTry to destroy Miley Cyrus’s new relationship? A jealous rage stemming out of her divorce. Billy Ray CyrusAccording to one rumor, Miley would like Miley single. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Miley’s Mom Ain’t Mad About Maxx!’

According to the National Enquirer, Tish does not want Miley’s relationship with Maxx Morando to move forward anymore. Since she’s divorcing Billy Ray, she apparently doesn’t want to see Miley dating a musician. “Tish was tired of hearing Billy’s complaints about not being a star anymore, and she doesn’t want to deal with another musician using Miley to make a name for himself,”Insiders say.

The source says that the divorce is happening because of Billy Ray’s clinginess to Miley, as he’s supposedly bitter about his own career and needs her to stay relevant. Morando appears to be doing the same thing, hopping on a wagon to Miley in an effort to boost his own fame. “Maxx is a hungry young artist looking for any breaks he can get,”The snitch said. “No one said he’s using Miley, but years of Billy Ray complaining Miley could have done more to resurrect his career have left Tish feeling a little suspicious.”

A friend of Tish says she’s still bummed out Miley didn’t make it work with Liam Hemsworth. “Tish thought Liam was perfect for his daughter,”According to a friend. He was already an established star so he couldn’t be a leech. A source close to Miley says that she empathizes and understands her mother. “but she is convinced Maxx is good for her.”

What’s Going On With The Cyrus Family?

First, Miley Cyrus is not a fool. This whole story paints her as an innocent victim who can’t tell when a man is using her for fame. Anyone who’s followed Miley in any way over the last decade knows she’s bold, brash, and isn’t a naive newcomer to the celebrity world. Monado and she have a son, Miley. They have been seemingly together for several months now, but you can’t say he’s using her for anything. Miley is not featured in any Instagram posts, nor are they performing together musically.

This is a story that Billy Ray will not like. We don’t really know why he and Tish are splitting up, but it doesn’t feel right at all to say Tish is against her musician daughter dating a musician when she was married to Billy Ray for over 30 years. They were married for over 30 years. A joint statement was issued saying they’re splitting “not with sadness, but with love in our hearts.” That sure doesn’t sound bitter.

Relying on the Past

If anything here needs to move on, it’s the Inquire. It’s still clinging to Miley and Liam Hemsworth’s marriage of all things. That’s ancient history now and doesn’t need to be brought back up.

Last week, the InquireThe tabloid ran a nearly identical story about Billy Ray’s weak career. It’s as if the tabloid forgot about “Old Town Road (Remix),”This single is among the most popular ever by any artist. This story is not based on the fact that Billy Ray has a successful career.

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